Core Cultivation Workshop For Martial Artists, Dancers, Yogis, Performance Artists And Movers

This workshop is for anybody interested in developing core awareness and strength of the pelvic and respiratory diaphragms, and core muscle groups such as hips, abs, glutes, latts & adductors. These exercises and workshops are for people wanting to ignite their core strength from the inside out for optimal physical performance.

This core cultivation workshop will begin with the breath and exercises developed to activate the diaphragms intrinsic strength and students aware of it. It is derived from the H.A.L. (Hips, Abs, Latts) teaching method. We will proceed from there into sukshma viayama, or "subtle movement exercises," designed to unite breath and ignite specific muscles designed to strengthen the physical body from inside-out by training the breath in sync with the awareness of the body.

Workshop 1 : 12 December 2019, Thursday

Who is Alyssa Byrd?
Alyssa Byrd - United States (200 ERYT, YACEP,2008-2019 500+ Hours of advanced studies coursework) has been an avid student of yoga for more than sixteen years and has been sharing yoga widely across the Bay Area since 2005. Her fascination with yoga philosophy began in high school, but it was not until a deep immersion in hot yoga that she was drawn to deepen her practice with Ben Thomas, a senior Iyengar instructor, in Pacifica. She then completed Street Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 and Yoga to the People Teacher Training in 2012. Today she continues to study yoga with Shiva Rea, having logged more than 250 in-person hours.

Alyssa’s classes focus on cultivating determination, patience, and confidence. She is committed to fostering strength, flexibility, and breath awareness all while giving her students the tools to own and trust their inner wisdom. She incorporates pranayama breathwork in all her classes and encourages students to align body and breath.

Thu Dec 12, 2019
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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